The trip of a lifetime..

May 14, 2021

Imagine the following scenario -

You have the opportunity and funds to take your dream trip.  There are no issues relating to time off, kids etc.  Your hard work paid off!

There is only one condition:

You can’t take pictures; you can’t post on social media and you can never tell any of your friends or family about it.

I am sure it isn’t a surprise that when fully contemplated, the interest level for many to proceed with this trip is not especially high.  Either they saved for this trip for many years and/or they were diligent in their career.  It is well deserved.

Many people interchange the words "Success" and "Achievement", yet there is a distinction.

Success is where you get/attain things that are impressive to others.

Achievement is where you have accomplished things that are important to you and you have intentionally sought to get them.  Whether anyone has knowledge of this accomplishment is irrelevant.

We are all susceptible to the need to impress others yet pausing to understand whether your actions or goals are leading you towards success versus achievement is a distinction worth thinking about.

There are many things I want. I want to write a book.  I want to learn how to play an instrument.  The question I am asking myself is:  Do I want the result more than the process?

How are you making sure you are achieving things that matter to you rather than the image you want to portray?

How would your decisions change if no one could see your life?  Would you still go to that famous restaurant?

Have a great weekend,

“Always strive for achievement; forget about success.” Helen Hayes
“Do you want to travel the world for its own sake, or do you just like the way it sounds?  Derek Sivers

Karl Choltus

Deep thinking Canadian sharing thoughts created in the shower.