Aug 14, 2020

This week I scheduled time off work as vacation.  My goal was to fully disconnect from email and minimize work related calls/texts/videos.

By the time I got to Wednesday afternoon, it was clear I hadn’t fully succeeded.  I was sharing my own “disconnecting score” of 5 out of 10 with family and friends.

How do you speak to yourself when you make a mistake(s) that upsets you?

The story of Dan Jansen brings value to this discussion.

Dan was a Speed Skater who seemed plagued when competing in the Olympics. He had crashed or had issues in all his Olympic Games and would tell himself he had bad luck.  His new coach understood he had self-defeating thoughts, so he had him write “I LOVE THE 1,000” in his journal everyday for 2 years.  The 1,000 m was a race which he had convinced himself was a problem.

After that 2 years, he raced in Norway in 1994 and won Gold and set a WR for his nemesis race!

We may not have professional coaches however the way you feed your mind is your best coach.

Do you speak to your friends about their own mistakes the way you speak to yourself about your own errors and failures?

We ALL have opportunity to be our own best coaches and it starts with the voice no one hears!

By writing in his journal every day, Dan created a new reality.  This practice resulted in changing the tone and content of his private voice.

Certainly, it is not easy to change how we talk to ourselves.

From what I can tell, all growth requires some level of discomfort!  Think about any effort you take on that is difficult.  I know that my inner voice is all the difference in my ability to complete a long uphill bike climb or public speaking.

By challenging ourselves to change our inner voice, we create a distinction between wishing for something and being ready to receive it.

You can choose to speak to yourself with reminders that so many things are completely within your control.  Repetition of thought can be placed in our mind as a seed.   Why else would so many people write out their major purpose or chief aim?

The subconscious picks up both your positive and negative beliefs.

This is the law of autosuggestion.

For my part, one of my key goals is to achieve more disconnection on my NEXT vacation.  I know I can do it and I am grateful for knowing my plan will work!

Have a great weekend, Karl

If you want to have more, do more, and be more, it all begins with the voice no one else hears.  T Ferris
Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious. Thomas Edison

Karl Choltus

Deep thinking Canadian sharing thoughts created in the shower.